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With over 30 years of experience, SoundtechTM, Inc is revolutionizing the Acoustic and Thermal Insulation industries with constant innovation in products and technology.

SoundTechTM is a leader in engineering Acoustical and Thermal Insulation solutions for the Automotive, Office Furniture, Appliance, HVAC and Commercial and Residential Building markets. SoundTechTM has been family owned since its inception in 1987. The Company is committed to our West Michigan community, our extensive customer base, and our exemplary team of employees. We are proud to be a Michigan Manufacturer.

Innovative Manufacturers in the Grand Rapids area

We have full design and fabrication capabilities to manufacture product solutions to meet your needs. Serving a global customer base, we have the experience and resources necessary to keep you ahead of your competition.

Our company philosophy is to continually strive for better products and manufacturing processes. We promote a spirit of innovation and continuous improvement. We seek to build practices that are sustainable, environmentally responsible and safe.

Dedicated to our employees, our customers and our community, we are “Growing Greener and Better Everyday!”

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